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Building A Well Funded
Balance Sheet

Our financial strategy is to maintain a well funded balance sheet to enable growth through grow and expansion, development and acquisitions. We utilize a range of funding sources including debt, equity, operating cash flow and portfolio management.


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Vier’s family established Vierlines Company

Vierlines signed MOU with Anhui Jentle Marine Shipyard China to built  15 new ocean towing tug 3200 BHP 40 MT Bollard Pull

 Cement Import License
 Others License

Vierlines entering into Cement Carrier business and
purchase MV Pelita Andalas from Jhon T Esberger, Germany.

2012 (January)
Vierlines established
Vierlines Asia Group with Kuala Lumpur as headquarter for Asia Pacific business purposes.

2012 (February)
Vierlines Malaysia Sdn Bhd established and focus as independent common feeder container operator for intra asia trade.

2012 (November)
Vierlines Asia Group established Logistics company and Innovative Land Transportation for Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore.